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JefferyNaine 说:
2023年3月13日 10:06

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Normaamone 说:
2023年3月13日 08:02

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en2 说:
2023年3月12日 15:46

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Roycesom 说:
2023年3月11日 21:50

Silkroad Online Private Server 2023 - 2024
Srotimes team believing in ourselves to provide the most balanced private server and our ability to create a new atmosphere to play. We always wished to create a new innovation era of 110 cap by making the best possible use of core resources and blending them with new added resources with some new systems and features, and we achieved. We always think as a player so that's what enables us to make a server that will assure your joy during play and a server that'll really be competitive and successful.

Status :Online
Online Players : +5000
Server Time
CAP : 80 CAP
Race : CH Only
PC Limit : 2
IP Limit : 4
Guild Limit : 24
Union Limit : 2

Play now : https://srotimes.com/

Silkroad Online is noted for its "Triangular Conflict System"<>] in which characters may select one of three jobs, trader, hunter, or thief to engage each other in player versus player combat. Thieves attack traders who are protected by hunters. Hunters kill thieves getting experience to level up to a higher level of hunter. Traders complete trade runs which gives experience to increase their trader level, and thieves kill traders and hunters to level up. Thieves can also steal goods dropped by traders to take to the thieves' den in exchange for gold and thief experience.

In the Legend I update for Silkroad, the European classes and areas were introduced to the International servers, in Legend II, Fortress War was introduced. In fortress war, guilds fight to take hold of a fort which gives them the ability to raise taxes and hold some prestige over other guilds. In Legend III, Roc Mountain was added and the level cap was increased to 90. In addition, 9th Degree Armor and Weapons was added for both races. In Legend III+, the Bandit Fortress was added to iSRO, as well as Devil's Spirit silk dress.

In March 2009, Legend IV was introduced to the international version of Silkroad. Included in Legend IV are 10th degree weapons and armor for both European and Chinese characters. Also included was Ch'in Tomb, with monsters ranging from level 70 to 100. To enter the tomb, a character must be level 70 or above. The new unique monster added in Legend IV was Medusa, a level 105 snake from Greek mythology.

wildasw1 说:
2023年3月11日 16:07

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Pianino.XMC.PL 说:
2023年3月11日 11:53

With the rapid advancements in technology, many musical instruments are evolving and changing at an unprecedented pace. The piano is no exception, with digital and electronic pianos becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

While these new pianos offer many benefits, such as portability and affordability, some argue that they lack the soul and depth of traditional acoustic pianos.

So, what is the role of technology in the future of the piano? Will digital pianos eventually replace traditional acoustic pianos? Or will there always be a place for the unique sound and touch of a classic piano?

How will these changes impact the way we learn, teach, and play the piano?

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2023年3月11日 10:21

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